GEARBREAKERS Acquired by Executive Producer Aaron Magnani

I am thrilled to announce that the screen rights for my debut novel, GEARBREAKERS (Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan), have been acquired by producer Aaron Magnani! It’s the first small step of a lot of bigger steps, but my heart grows ever so much fuller whenever I meet someone who shows a passion for this project IContinue reading “GEARBREAKERS Acquired by Executive Producer Aaron Magnani”

Editor Letter for GEARBREAKERS

JLA Zoe just broke her query letter versions for her debut, GEARBREAKERS (Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan, 2021). See the three versions of her query letter in the post linked to above, including the version that she sent me, back in the fall. The query prompted a request for the manuscript (the first paragraph gave me aContinue reading “Editor Letter for GEARBREAKERS”

The Query Letter That Got Me My Agent

In any scenario, but perhaps especially in the literary sphere, it is important to be adaptable. By the end of my querying phase, I had gone through two rewrites of my original query letter, three versions total. These rewrites were not necessarily due to a lack of agent responses—even the first version received three partialsContinue reading “The Query Letter That Got Me My Agent”

How I Got My Agent ( + My Experience in the Query Trenches )

It’s jarring to me that I get to write one of these posts. When I was querying, I would spend hours upon hours pouring over these stories, and successfully heeded every single piece of their advice—I waited patiently, worried little, with a heart constantly brimming with the hope and knowledge that soon, the little pingContinue reading “How I Got My Agent ( + My Experience in the Query Trenches )”