I’m Writing GEARBREAKERS 2! First Drafts Are Sometimes Debilitating!

It’s only a first draft. Summer passes lazily. I like having my coffee (with lots of cream and sugar) on my thigh when I write, like the perfect picture of productivity, and it’s getting a little easier. I admit I went through a lull with new words for the better part of this year, even […]

Update!/Premature Burials

I have not posted in a hot WHILE but I’ll just put that in a nice little box on the shelf and then get going again. I am currently back in my hometown, working on the first draft of the Gearbreakers sequel. I have so much time to read now which is kind of glorious, […]

New Writing Schedule!

It’s the second week of my sophomore year of college at UW (yay quarter system?), and the start of classes and the attached schoolwork load means it’s time to carve out some set times to write! I aim to write at least an hour and a half each day, so here’s the Schedule™ (posted for […]

GEARBREAKERS Acquired by Executive Producer Aaron Magnani

I am thrilled to announce that the screen rights for my debut novel, GEARBREAKERS (Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan), have been acquired by producer Aaron Magnani! It’s the first small step of a lot of bigger steps, but my heart grows ever so much fuller whenever I meet someone who shows a passion for this project I […]