YA Sci-Fi – Coming Summer 2022

“The Phoenixes have their grandeur, the Valkyries, their strange, terrifying elegance. But the models like the Phantoms, like the Hydras—I think that’s where the Godolia architects really got it right. Deities captured in their physical forms. The Gods as sickly, happy creatures. The Gods as revolting things. After all the poison they let wither the world, after everything, they don’t get to be beautiful. They can grin all they’d like, but they have to rot alongside us.”


YA Fantasy – Adventure Time x Spirited Away x The Raven Cycle

“Venus didn’t know who’d she been before all of this. She wasn’t sure if she was dead decades or centuries before the End, or if she had been there for it, when the radiation hit everywhere and left nothing standing. There was no way to know. The coven guessed she was probably human, like the rest of them, and not some mystical entity or a deity, though none of them really knew what that meant. The lines between creatures was blurred, now, in that the lines hardly mattered. You were either here, or obliterated.”

The world is mostly dead, and awake for it, and strange for it. Snaking between frothing, poisoned earth, nuclear-charged ley lines give physical forms to arcane entities of the supernatural realms, birth spiritworld dungeons and treasures, and house the ones peculiar enough to survive in a world that hadn’t intended to become what it is. 

When the ley lines are threatened, becoming more physical than they are energetic, four queer witches will rely on their affection for their strange world and their strange family to save both.

The coven consists of a necrobotonist, a psychic, an alchemist, and a scientist. The coven is of the peculiar sort. 

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