The Phoenixes have their grandeur, the Valkyries, their strange, terrifying elegance. But the models like the Phantoms, like the Hydras—I think that’s where the Godolia architects really got it right. Deities captured in their physical forms. The Gods as sickly, happy creatures. The Gods as revolting things. After all the poison they let wither the world, after everything, they don’t get to be beautiful. They can grin all they’d like, but they have to rot alongside us. 



Ya Fantasy

This time, the once upon a time began with two kings sitting silently at the same table, and next to them, a queen sputtering black blood down her silk gown front. A dying soon over and done with. And so the story can unfold.

Re-meet the characters of the Brothers Grimm, finally as wicked as the world around them…

  • Little Red: A dethroned princess-turned-mercenary wielding a power long thought to be extinct.
  • Annie: A servant girl pulling the strings of the royals she serves.
  • Cinders: An arsonist half-dragon with glass heels to carve the path of her flames.
  • Luxiana: An electricity witch and future queen, growing into her inherited bloodlust.
  • Sleeping Beauty: A mage prince with nightmare-animating powers.
  • Rapunzel: A dryad more thorns than petals.
  • Ariel: A siren pirate captain with a taste for the reckless.


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