Ya Fantasy

This time, the once upon a time began with two kings sitting silently at the same table, and next to them, a queen sputtering black blood down her silk gown front. A dying soon over and done with. And so the story can unfold.

Re-meet the characters of the Brothers Grimm, finally as wicked as the world around them…

  • Little Red: A dethroned princess-turned-mercenary wielding a power long thought to be extinct.
  • Annie: A servant girl pulling the strings of the royals she serves.
  • Cinders: An arsonist half-dragon with glass heels to carve the path of her flames.
  • Luxiana: An electricity witch and future queen, growing into her inherited bloodlust.
  • Sleeping Beauty: A mage prince with nightmare-animating powers.
  • Rapunzel: A dryad more thorns than petals.
  • Ariel: A siren pirate captain with a taste for the reckless.


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