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➵ GEARBREAKERS (Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan, Spring 2021)


A cover for Gearbreakers is forthcoming! The image above is from the film Pacific Rim, which inspired the novel, but with more vibrant color and girl heroines.

We evolve the day the sky bleeds.

My eyes flutter open, gaze rolling up to the heavens and snagging on the dawn clouds turned crimson. At the sight, my lips mindlessly part to suck in a shocked gasp before hesitating, remembering that there is no longer a need for breath. 

I blink once, slowly, waiting for the rest of my thoughts to align. They left those, at least, along with my memories, my emotions; a few other particles that make up a human.

GEARBREAKERS is my YA sci-fi debut novel.

In an age of mechanical deities puppeteered by a power-hungry nation, the sole defense against the onslaught of false Gods is a ragtag group of renegades known as the Gearbreakers. Known as one of the most infamous of the lot, Eris “The Frostbringer” Shindanai’s mission is simple: infiltrate any Windups—a charming nickname for these hundred-foot-tall bionic nightmares—that dare to cross her path, and take the atrocities apart from the inside.

Sona Steelcrest is a mecha Pilot, modded with wires running beneath her skin and a microchip implanted in her brain stem in order to control her Windup and fight for the great nation of Godolia, and enamored with the idea of someday destroying it from within. When fate crosses her path with Eris’s, she is thrown into the world of the Gearbreakers, and sets her sight on learning new kinds of destructive capabilities—and, by Eris’s side, is determined to reclaim her ripped humanity.

Pre-order information will be available in the months to come.

UNTITLED SECOND NOVEL (Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan, Spring 2022)

Details about this novel will be available in the months to come.


This time, the once upon a time began with two kings sitting silently at the same table, and next to them, a queen sputtering black blood down her silk gown front. A dying soon over and done with. And so the story can unfold.

Re-meet the characters of Brothers Grimm, finally as wicked as the world around them…

  • Little Red: A dethroned princess-turned-mercenary wielding a power long thought to be extinct.
  • Annie: A servant girl pulling the strings of the royals she serves.
  • Cinders: An arsonist half-dragon with glass heels to carve the path of her flames.
  • Luxiana: An electricity witch and future queen, growing into her inherited bloodlust.
  • Sleeping Beauty: A mage prince with nightmare-animating powers.
  • Rapunzel: A dryad who consists of more thorns than petals.
  • Ariel: A siren pirate captain with a taste for the reckless.

Choose your allies, but find no friends…only one can claim the crown.

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