GEARBREAKERS NEWS: Cover and Preorder Links Are Live!


The best piece of advice I’ve ever received will always be “write for yourself.” I love mechas and tattoos and cyberpunk tech and cyberpunk girls and girls loving girls and I put it all into Gearbreakers, and I absolutely adore it. I tell you without shame that I am ridiculously entertained by my own story. It has a lot of action and kids with a lot of heart. The world’s trying to crush them constantly (read: mechanical deities puppeteered by a power-hungry nation, etc), but they have each other, and that’s a lot to fight for. That’s everything.

The cover is now live – where do I even get started? The girls look amazing, and terrifying, and ready to take down a deity or two. Sona’s sword and cyborg eye, Eris’s cryogloves and signature welding goggles—it is with the greatest affection that I recognize the sheer amount of detail Taj Francis, the wonderful artist, put into this glorious piece. I cannot accurately describe the degree of excitement and love I have for seeing two Asian girls on the cover of a YA science fiction novel—and on a personal note, seeing Sona, who is half-white and half-Korean like I am, quite literally made me burst into tears of joy.

Also, of course, the mecha in the background needs to be acknowledged. It gives me heart palpitations. The entire cover gives me heart palpitations. Everything down to the font is so incredibly metal. I dig it immensely, and it captures the spirit of Gearbreakers perfectly.

Art by Taj Francis

Designed by Mike Burroughs

Gearbreakers is now available for preorder! More to come!




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